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One of our favourite keywords is "professionalism". All of our customers are ensured a professional product created by proficient hands of professional people.


We are looking for people who are committed to their work quality, yet love to work in a community and don`t want to be lonely superheroes. We`d rather want to build something like the Justice League.

Continuous improvement

In order to always provide the highest work quality, we have to apply the most trending, yet reliable technologies. Consequently, our team is always equipped with the latest practical knowledge.

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We are hiring! If you are someone who looks for problems waiting to be solved all around the clock and also find pleasure in solving them, you should join our team. For more information on our currently open positions, contact us now!

  • For Juniors, there are mentors, who help them to get the most out of themselves.
  • For Seniors, there are further career options through managing new projects and leading people.
  • For everybody, there is a community with people in it, who work together as a real team, helping and supporting each other
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We are represented in two cities. One of the offices is in Szeged, the other is in Budapest. Both of them are built and equipped according to the newest trends of the IT-world, e.g. large & bright spaces, bean bags, x-boxes and much more...

We are also in close cooperation with other IT companies inside and outside the country.

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Adalon Solutions is a Budapest based IT company specialized in software engineering and technical operation&support.
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